Pow Wow From Hell

Friday 6 September – Sunday 8 September 2013

Attention all Scout Leaders from the South Coast & Tablelands Region…

• Want to have a relaxing weekend?

• Meet smart and interesting people?

• Get a sound and restful nights sleep?

Then, DON’T join us on the POW WOW FROM HELL!

From Friday 6 to Sunday 8 September, a group of brave and hardy Scouters will blaze a trail through the back blocks of the South Coast. At this time the planned camp is only known to a chosen few, but, be warned, those nasty rumours you’ve heard about the hills, the cave of eternal rest, the hills, the wild wind swept open plains, the camp site, the sand traps, the hills, the river to cross and the hills are all true!

Only Scouters with big muscles, stamina, a desire to inflict grievous bodily harm upon themselves and others and not a lot happening in their social calendar, (all these things describe all Scouters), should consider this challenge.

If you are interested in spending a weekend in the bush, write the date down on your partner’s hand and say, “For all those things that I have done wrong I deserve to be sent on the, POW WOW FROM HELL, for it will certainly make me a better person.”

Cost: $40 – Fully catered.
Closing Date: Friday 30 August

See the A1 for further details and/or contact:

Peter Gear.

Phone: 02 44739259
Mobile: 0428334650
Email: petergear59@yahoo.com.au