Developing a Special Needs Network

As your Regional Commissioner, Special needs I wish to seek support of suitably qualified or enthusiastic people throughout the Region, to develop a working team to support Scouts with special needs across the Region.

In developing a special needs network the role of the team will be centred on;

  • Providing specialist expertise to the Region to the leaders and Scout on special needs.
  • Providing advice on youth programs and adult training teams in the area of Scouting for people with special needs.
  • Assist and advise individual formations in membership, program delivery, activities and major events relating to Scouting with special needs.
  • Provide updates within relevant Scouting channels regarding Scouting for people with special needs.
  • Undertaking tasks set by the Regional Commissioner or State Commissioner.
  • Undertake data collection, with consent on the types of Scouts’ disabilities that we are supporting to better direct resources in the Region.

The team as a whole will meet on a regular basis for project review and development as well as support requirements resource allocation. The team will be based on the District model with, in some cases  the possibility of more than one person per District relative to numbers and needs.

A project we have in mind is the inclusive Scouting initiative, this identifies a partnership between the Scouts, set at the Venturer Scout level, and people living in the community in a range of situations from individual units, group homes and living with family members, who have a disability. The Scouts & leaders would have some skills development in communication methods, dealing with minor challenging behaviours and the protocols required, and prior to meeting with the people at their homes. We will be working with the non-government disability organisation House With No Steps initially  with expansion across a number of areas.

Inclusive Scouting is a way of developing social and community skills for people who, in many instances have only paid Staff to interact with. By introducing Scouting to the mix, it is my hope that the Scouts may also develop social relationships that can endure past their scouting days, with the people they are supporting.

All enquiries please contact Region Commissioner, Special Needs,

Anthony Pritchard
0412 300 096