Fire Activities

Correspondence from Doug Menzies, Chief Commissioner, Scouts NSW.

I refer my previous advise on the 14th  August 2012 regarding the suspension of fire prop  manipulation activities in NSW. I would firstly like to thank the State & Region Teams and Venturer & Rover Sections for their assistance and patience during this suspension. Although this has been an exhaustive process the right outcome has prevailed and we can now ensure there is a safer environment for these types of activities.

In accordance with Scouts NSW commitment to Work Health & Safety (WHS) a number of members (Venturers, Rovers & Leaders) have now been appropriately trained as peer assessors & assessors to permit the controlled use of fire activities. A new policy has also been written to outline how these activities can be safely included to enhance the normal Scouting program. All members wishing to participate in these type of fire activities must do so in full accordance with the new policy. The policy can be found in Chapter 46 o…f the new WHS Manual. A copy of this Chapter will be circulated separately shortly.

As part of Chapter 46 there are a number of new procedures that need to be followed, including some new forms. It is worth noting there are still some types of activities that are still on the banned list of activities in Scouts NSW. These activities are listed within the new policy. These activities should not be undertaken at any time by members of the Association.

As a result of the above, I can now announce that the suspension of these activities has been lifted. These activities are now permitted subject to full compliance with Chapter 46 of the NSW WHS Manual. This decision will be reviewed in due course to ensure the on-going safety of all members.

Could you please pass this onto the relevant members of your Team so that they are aware of the lifting of the suspension of fire activities.