Graffiti Removal Day 2019

Graffiti Removal Day is a yearly event and this year is held on the 27th of October.

The aim of Graffiti Removal Day is to highlight the problem of graffiti across NSW and encourage people to volunteer their time to remove and prevent graffiti. As a community organisation, it is important for Scouts to support, connect and collaborate with partners on community and social issues. 

It also gives us the opportunity to:

  • Advertise Scouting to the local community
  • Contribute to social capital
  • Connect Scouting members/groups to local rotary groups and local/ state  government representatives
  • Show scouting as socially conscious on community issues.
  • Provide an avenue to obtain funds and equipment to cover and maintain graffiti on our hall and community venues
  • Obtain community support for investment in our halls.

To be involved in the day you can either register to join a site or create a site. Check out

Given the timeframe, you may consider checking out local site and projects. You can do this by checking out

If possible, it would be great to have as many Scouts as possible to attend and support to removal of graffiti at Boonerah Point Scout hall. 

Local Event (Shellharbour City)

Location: Boonerah Point Scout Hall

Time: 09:00AM-2:00PM

Note: This is particularly important as it shows our commitment of use, support and maintain a community space not just for us but local council and the general public.

The mayor and other delegates are expected to attend this event so this would be a great opportunity.

I unfortunately won’t be there on the day due to a work commitment however I will be liaising with Council.

If anyone is available to attend the Boonerah Point Hall site that would be great, there is a lot of painting to be done. However if you have a site in mind please let me know if I can assist any further.

Aaron Newton