New Youth Program – Have you applied yet?

The New Youth Program represents the biggest and most positive change to Australian Scouting program in 40 years, after the combination of five years of research and investigation through the Youth Program Review (YPR).

With the YPR now over, the NSW Program Transformation and Implementation Team is getting ready to embark on this journey to see every Group in NSW upskilled into the New Program and to share all of the positive experiences of our New Program “Pioneer” Groups.

The New Youth Program fosters the personal growth of each of our youth members, through adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive programs, and grounds Australian Scouting in the fundamentals on which the Movement was built upon.

All of this is done while keeping young people at the centre and making sure that everything we do is for their development.

We have an exciting journey ahead of us and we cannot wait to see each of our youth members thrive in the New Youth Program!

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